I remember talking to Tom about the idea for having a Newgrounds art portal at the London meet a year or two ago - I never expected to see it actually happen! I like to think that gives me some small, insignificant claim to a place in the history of the fantastic site.

I feel a certain amount of satisfaction about posting my first art submission! Maybe I'll put up some music soon too, I've just joined two bands so hopefully there'll be some recordings knocking around before too long.

I'm not hugely pleased with the illustration, but it's a start. I really want to get into drawing more often.

New Submission - First art entry!

Woo, first post!

2008-10-28 21:34:33 by tonedeafmessiah

The post that hurts the most!

Sorry, a terrible 'booshism' there.

My first submission is online - yay. Please do check it out.